Monthly goals January

Here we go again. Shortly after the new year resolution, it is already time for the monthly goal set up for January. Actually this is a really cool way to keep track on how things are evolving as planned. Writing down what I want to solve during the month actually makes it more likely that I will actually do it. Because I have committed it to writing. And I cannot escape from holding myself accountable. And it might actually help me to stick with my New Year Resolution, if I review it every month. Or I might even start doing a Weekly Wrap up (as seen on Cate’s blog).

So, here goes the review on the December goals:

  • Getting up each morning with the husband to use the time for online activities: YES! I can do it! I actually get up at 5:30 in the morning on most days (Mo-Fr). And it feels soooo powerful to get things done in the early morning and to get my head settled for the day. I can really recommend it to everybody, getting up early, do a yummy tea, settle in front of the computer and have a little me-time.
  • Go to the gym twice a week/take the dog for longer walks if the gym is closed: kind of. I did the gym part until they closed for Christmas. But the dog part was kind of complicated due to climate conditions. So I am looking forward to the 7th when life in Spain starts all over again. So this will stay for the next month as well.
  • Practice the cello 5x a week: YES! And I am getting better at it by the day. I can feel it (and my prof agrees).
  • Get everything off my desk: Kind of. I did tidy it up, but it is starting to clutter again. So this needs some more working on it.

And for this new, first month of gorgeous 2010 these are the goals to fulfill:

  • Do more technique exercises with the cello (even though doing songs is more fun).
  • Start working on a daily (or weekly) routine for the new responsibilities on the job now that the team is almost entirely relocated to Barcelona.
  • Prepare a clear structure for the monthly reporting.
  • Keep doing 3 posts a week, but include at least one with additional research.
  • Check out more blogs of like-minded people out there.
  • Clean up the office, just like the desk and get rid of everything I really never use (even if it was a gift from long forgotten times.
  • Do the same with my wardrobe: everything that I haven’t used in a year has to go (anticipated spring cleaning).

Everything else will have to go in between or wait until February 😉


Post a list of your career/life related goals for the current month, along with your checked off goals from the previous month if you’d like, on your own blog.

Visit the Goal Meet-Up post at Brazen Careerist and/or at modite and leave a link to your post in the comments (*If you don’t have your own blog, feel free to share your list of goals in the comments section of the post to join in!)

Then, check out everyone else’s lists as they leave comments – click their links, visit their blogs, say hello, meet, greet and support each other because that’s what it’s all about!

7 thoughts on “Monthly goals January

  1. The idea of a weekly review comes from Getting Things Done by David Allen – great book, I just finished reading it, it also has some ideas for keeping your desk clear so you might find it helpful 🙂

    Incidentally, though, I got the idea of blogging my weekly review from Sacha Chua at it works well for me at keeping me accountable and a week is a good time frame to plan!

    1. Thank you Cate for your comment. I will check this book out for sure. They even have a Spanish copy in our local biblioteca so there is no excuse not to 😉

  2. That is so neat that you’re working on your cello skills. I never learned to play an instrument, spent all my time in dance class instead. I think it’s great when you get back to working a talent that you may have spent years away from or you have the diligence to keep with it. Also, best of luck with all the cleaning. I know I’ll go through a frenzy come March…

    1. Emily, thanks for stopping by. Indeed the cello is a re-loaded version of my flute classes as a young girl. My husband thought it would be nice if I could take advantage of my ability to read music and gave me the cello. Best decision ever and a great counterpoint to my computer-based job and computer-based hobbies.

  3. Wow! Love your goals. I agree about getting up early as the power behind a great day. January is a great time to start afresh by cleaning out life’s clutter. I cleaned my house from top to toe on New year’s eve and then went out and partied!I am getting work done in my organised office which was a December goal-go to it! and best of luck Valentina!

  4. Thank you Heather! I am impressed that you were still able to go partying after the cleaning. I have spent today doing the cleaning part in our study and now I feel just exhausted. But it feels so nice. I can virtually breath the space that was freed up after 2 entire boxes of old stuff had to go 😉 Good way to start the new year!

  5. Wow, it’s great that you were able to get your blogs done. And I like how you made appropriate adjustments with your fitness goal. 🙂 Good job. Looking forward to seeing how you progress with your new goals.

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