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5 reasons to go green in your company

And of course with green I do not refer to the color of the entry hall or the logo, but rather a lookout for sustainability in corporate life. It is not that difficult. Some small and easy changes for a start, some bigger changes in the middle, some investments in the end. Always keep your … Continue reading 5 reasons to go green in your company

10 commandements of marketing green products

Yet again, Augustine Fou is inspiring a post of mine. Over at clickz he posted a brilliant adaptation of the 10 Commandements, adapted for modern marketing. In line with my passion for sustainable products being more present in daily marketing messages, let me adapt the commandements to the needs of this underrepresented segment on the … Continue reading 10 commandements of marketing green products

Matching Innovation and Quality

Yesterday at work we (the CEO, the CTO and me that is) met with a potential new business partner. They met our CEO on a trade fair and started talks about potential synergies. The meeting was a preliminary "getting-to-know-each-other" while checking out the technical and targeting-related issues (hence, my presence). We received loads of super … Continue reading Matching Innovation and Quality