Being officially digitally distinct

I just asked the Online Identity Calculator and now I have a badge:

I am digitally distinct! Visit

I am officially digitally distinct, meaning that if you search for my name on google you get a high volume of results with overall favorable content. The website dates back to 2007 and apparently was launched together with a related book (if you finish the test, you will be directed towards reading the book) by two career consultants. The test basically help you to google yourself and to understand the results of being digitally disastrous/dissed/dabbling/disguised/distinct. As I am kind of busy online, or rather because I have filled in lots of profiles all over the web, it is easy to get a picture of myself and what I do (on the web).

Though, on a second glance, it is probably not only due to my online activities, but also hugely influenced by my name. Probably a combination of both, where the name makes things easier (I am not the first to notice) I have a rather unusual name and it didn’t change very much after I married. The discussion on whether, for personal branding reasons, I should keep my maiden name or not was digitally dispensable in my particular case. In Brazil you just add your husbands second surname to your own surname. So whether you look for my maiden name or my married name you will get more or less the same results. Additionally, there is nobody out there with the same name as I have (either that, or the person has no online presence whatsoever). And it even works if I write my surname with ö, o or oe.

Early morning satisfaction.

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