About Valentina Thörner

Valentina describes herself as a pragmatic minimalist and passionate support professional. She loves to downsize, to simplify and to experiment with life – on her own and with her family (including the twins and two dogs).

She leads a remote team of Happiness Engineers for WooCommerce at Automattic and has a not-so-secret second life as a writer on, you guessed it, minimalism. You can find out more on her Spanish blog ValeDeOro.es.

Before moving to Mataró, she worked and studied in Barcelona (Spain), Germany, Brasil, Denmark, Guatemala, Uruguay and Ecuador. For more information, check out her profile on LinkedIn. Her official site is ValentinaThoerner.com

PD: She came to Barcelona for six monthr to write her master thesis on Regional Innovation System and the Service Sector: The case of Catalonia. That was 7 years ago.


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