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How to reduce stress in the long run

Very often we get trapped between urgent tasks and looming dead lines, without being able to concentrate duly on one task only. And with so much stress, creativity and motivation are the first to die. However, there is a simple trick how you can get out of this daily rat race, by remembering Parkinson's Law, … Continue reading How to reduce stress in the long run

Don’t confuse the audience

I am currently reading the book "Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization" by Lester R. Brown (free download available). I will probably finish the last 10 of a total of 287 pages today (this is excluding the very abundant Notes section). The book describes several strategies on how to reduce carbon emission and climate … Continue reading Don’t confuse the audience

Data collection and privacy

Technically we are able to follow most web users wherever they go. Technically this gives us the chance to craft a profile as unique as the person that it is attributed to. Technically we could then go ahead and complete this profile with data from real life. And technically we then know exactly what the … Continue reading Data collection and privacy