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How much education is too much?

I am absolutely addicted to absorbing new knowledge. I love studying. I love learning about new ideas from other to include them into my own musings (with or without footnotes. I already have a M.Sc. in European Studies and just finished a Master in Quality Management. Which means I am currently not studying (officially) at … Continue reading How much education is too much?

Cultural stereotypes as assets: Punctuality

[This post is part of the series I am starting right now on navigating stereotypes that are ascribed to me because of my nationality.] One of the most interesting things about living abroad is that you start discovering things about your self you took for granted. But which in a new setting turn out to … Continue reading Cultural stereotypes as assets: Punctuality

Being officially digitally distinct

I just asked the Online Identity Calculator and now I have a badge: I am officially digitally distinct, meaning that if you search for my name on google you get a high volume of results with overall favorable content. The website dates back to 2007 and apparently was launched together with a related book (if … Continue reading Being officially digitally distinct

What I learned through university – navigating culture and myself

This post over at Small Hands - Big Ideas made me recall my university days and how everything came out different than planned. And probably even better. I have been to three different full-time universities, and each one gave me something different, which has shaped very distinctively who I am. I started off in Chemnitz, … Continue reading What I learned through university – navigating culture and myself

Know your inventory – targeting an audience

I work in an online marketing company leading the team responsible for our online advertisement inventory. That means we segment our audience into different channels and try to deliver the best offer to each person. We work both with contextual and behavioral segmentation, which means we analyze what people look at (like google does with … Continue reading Know your inventory – targeting an audience