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How much education is too much?

I am absolutely addicted to absorbing new knowledge. I love studying. I love learning about new ideas from other to include them into my own musings (with or without footnotes. I already have a M.Sc. in European Studies and just finished a Master in Quality Management. Which means I am currently not studying (officially) at … Continue reading How much education is too much?

Cultural stereotypes as assets: Punctuality

[This post is part of the series I am starting right now on navigating stereotypes that are ascribed to me because of my nationality.] One of the most interesting things about living abroad is that you start discovering things about your self you took for granted. But which in a new setting turn out to … Continue reading Cultural stereotypes as assets: Punctuality

Being officially digitally distinct

I just asked the Online Identity Calculator and now I have a badge: I am officially digitally distinct, meaning that if you search for my name on google you get a high volume of results with overall favorable content. The website dates back to 2007 and apparently was launched together with a related book (if … Continue reading Being officially digitally distinct