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Data collection and privacy

Technically we are able to follow most web users wherever they go. Technically this gives us the chance to craft a profile as unique as the person that it is attributed to. Technically we could then go ahead and complete this profile with data from real life. And technically we then know exactly what the … Continue reading Data collection and privacy

Cross-targeting: telling a story the customer can relate to

In “Think like me, agree with me” Seth Godin pinpoints the importance of telling your customer a story she can relate to. Facts are not always the most important ingredient, the crucial part is to understand how the customer thinks and present the story in a way that is interesting to her. Find an anchor point … Continue reading Cross-targeting: telling a story the customer can relate to

Independent ad inventory

Traditionally speaking, inventory is the product available for sale at any given moment. In the online marketing industry, the product for sale is the advertisement space, hence for distinction it is called ad inventory. The ad glossary website offers the following definition for ad inventory: “The number of ad spaces available for sale on a … Continue reading Independent ad inventory

Behavioral targeting is not like Santa Claus

In this article Augustine Fou argues that behavioral targeting is close to believing in Santa. Everybody does so in their early marketing days, but after a certain amount of experiences you mature and don’t take it that serious any more. It is still nice to attract clients, as most buzzwords are, but the magic disappears. … Continue reading Behavioral targeting is not like Santa Claus