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The art of being on time to remote meetings

The art of being on time to remote meetings

Great ideas on being on time – in real life and virtually.

Hannah Swain

I hate being late. It says “I don’t care enough about your time,” so I try very hard to be on time or even better: early.

When I worked in an office, I was usually early to meetings. My tactic? I got there early and just did something useful in the mean time. It didn’t matter if it was a meeting room in an office or a coffee shop; it’s easy enough to get out your laptop and do something useful, or catch up on email on your phone. This doesn’t work when working remotely.

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Ecologist to… Happiness Engineer? The evolution of one career in support.

Ecologist to… Happiness Engineer? The evolution of one career in support.

A great post about how discovering your own strength sometimes is quite different to what your strengths are officially.

Butterfly Mind

Growing up, I did well inmath and science — areas I was told repeatedly I was special todo well in. I felt a sense of rarity, and thought, “If I’m good in these, when others struggle, then this is where I should direct my life.”

By the time I arrived in college, it did notoccur to me to studyanything other than science. I loved nature, was heartsick about habitat destruction and the seeming disregard and disrespect humans had for our own habitat, andI wanted to pursue a paththat would apply my science aptitude to helping the environment.

Many times, the first step to helping is understanding. You must know how a system works, what it needs, and how its needs are not beingmet in order to help make the system healthy again. So I pursued a degree in ecology, the study of the interactions among living things and their environment.

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What does a career in support look like?

This increasing distance to customers when advancing in a career is an odd proposition if you accept the premise that the customer ultimately is the one paying for each and every salary in a company. Working directly with the customer should be one of the most important jobs - after all it is the raison d'être of the entire construction.