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My One Word for 2018: Awareness

My One Word for 2018: Awareness

I am not a big fan of new year resolutions. Most of them are forgotten by mid-February, and I know too many people who "commit" to the same fluffy and undefined "goal" every year. If I decide to achieve something, I prefer not to wait for an arbitrary date. I usually start working on a step-by-step plan right away. But I still like the spirit of the new year, so this year I've tried something different, inspired by Gretchen Rubin.

Ecologist to… Happiness Engineer? The evolution of one career in support.

Ecologist to… Happiness Engineer? The evolution of one career in support.

A great post about how discovering your own strength sometimes is quite different to what your strengths are officially.

Butterfly Mind

Growing up, I did well inmath and science — areas I was told repeatedly I was special todo well in. I felt a sense of rarity, and thought, “If I’m good in these, when others struggle, then this is where I should direct my life.”

By the time I arrived in college, it did notoccur to me to studyanything other than science. I loved nature, was heartsick about habitat destruction and the seeming disregard and disrespect humans had for our own habitat, andI wanted to pursue a paththat would apply my science aptitude to helping the environment.

Many times, the first step to helping is understanding. You must know how a system works, what it needs, and how its needs are not beingmet in order to help make the system healthy again. So I pursued a degree in ecology, the study of the interactions among living things and their environment.

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Improving the efficiencies of meetings

All companies have meetings. From self-employed entrepreneurs to multinational companies, no one can work without more or less frequent meetings: project planning, meetings with suppliers, client meetings, weekly updates of work teams, etc.. And very rarely this practice is questioned. If ever, alternatives are sought in the following cases: Participants live too far away to invite … Continue reading Improving the efficiencies of meetings