Language Confusion

You might be surprised that this blog is in English, given that my mother tongue is German, I live in Spain, though in the Catalan-speaking part, speak Portuguese with my best friend and came here working for a French company. So why English? The truth is, I have deliberated a lot over this question.

German is my mother tongue, but speaking it only with my mom and my kids I sometimes search for words longer than it takes me to write an entire post.

Spanish / Portuguese are my main relationship languages – however I already write extensively in both languages on ValeDeOro and Proyecto 333.

French and Italian by now are passive languages – I understand conversations, enjoy their food and their literature, but I struggle writing fluently.

Meanwhile, English is my professional language – both for work and education. Plus, I do have some non-Spanish speaking peeps out there that would love a quick sound byte from time to time… so this if for you 🙂


One thought on “Language Confusion

  1. Hi Valentina. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m fluent in Spanish and I L-O-V-E Spain. Been there a couple of times and Catalunya is one of my favorite regions (Granada, Sevilla and Toledo are amazing too). I took a bit of German in college, and I’d love to visit Germany some day soon. Your blog sounds so interesting. I’m going to add it to my blogroll so I can visit often. Best wishes with work too! I also write in English for the same reason you do, but I try to keep a blog in Spanish so I don’t forget it.

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