Competitiveness, trust and helping others

Competitiveness, trust and helping others

I have recently changed into a lead role at Automattic. I am now in charge of 7 fellow WooCommerce Happiness Engineers based across Europe, India and Asia. The leadership part of this role regarding the team is relatively straight forward. It is my responsibility to help each member to be successful in an environment of fast pacing product development, and the transition from ticket support to live chat.

But there is a second part of this role, which is just as complex – and which I have little previous experience with. Read the whole story here:

2 thoughts on “Competitiveness, trust and helping others

  1. > However, in many situations, asking “why” will trigger a defense mechanism which is not helpful when looking for results (or change).

    I also thought asking “why” was a good approach, but I love how you’ve explained this. Thank you for sharing!

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