My office Setup

My office Setup

Working from home means you can set up your office environment as eccentric or normal as you wish. You decide how when and where to work and nobody will interfere with your office design (but your family).

I’ve opened my laptop in many different places. Finding the perfect work setup is an ongoing experiment looking for the perfect mix between inspiration, focus and good posture.

This is my current setup, dividing the room into a work area and a storage area. What you don’t see: I am taking the photos from the kids changing table which is also in the same room… including pampers, baby clothing and poo wipes.

The work area allows to focus on what I am doing at that very moment, without distraction. The storage area at arm-length allows to quickly pick up pen and paper if needed (or if I have time to write a post card in between).

The work area: focus and body flexibility

To avoid becoming a sedentary case study for a doctor, I have included frequent changes in position into my very setup: the VariDesk allows to change position ever so often – and when seated the Pilates ball does the rest.

[VDO] area de trabajo

These are the details:

The Storage Area: everything I need at arms-length

Behind my working area there is an old IKEA storage rack. Two of those shelves contain everything you’d expect to see in an office: paperwork and office supplies. Oh, and my cacti collection.

Everything else is occupied by books, board games and boxes (with tea). And down below… space for the kids to nap.

[VDO] area de almacenaje


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