Monthly goals March

February was truly a short month. But a very successful one as well. And if I had not been knocked out by a bad flue during this weekend I would have been able to accomplish it all… (or not). So let’s do a recap and then go down to business

  • Do steady exercise with the cello. Both technique and fun. I am getting good at this. And since I managed to actually replace the last of my cello chords, now it actually sounds good. And this makes it to be much more pleasure than ever before to play and go on playing. My current project is “All I ask of you” from Phantom of the Opera. And it feels sooooo great.
  • Find a way to keep the desk tidy. Kind of. Half done. I succeeded at work, but need to get into more of a routine at home. I get it clean for a week and then the it is back to the old self. So it stays on the list.
  • Migrate my Spanish wordpress blog to my own webiste and keep working on sustainability business ideas. Done. The new valedeoro is alive and kicking, though I am one post behind of schedule thanks to that awful flue.
  • Figure out how to include Spanish into my twitter presence. Two twitters? Tweeting in two languages? This has been on hold. To many other things going on that I hardly came around twittering at all.
  • 3 blog posts a week, either on the Spanish or the English blog, but at least one in each. I am building up a routine here. Feels good.
  • Take my birthday as an excuse to do an ABBA Singstar night at my place. And if those couples don’t want to attend (birthday is on Valentine’s day) focus on the single friends and do it nonetheless. Yay! This was a huge success. I did it together with a very good friend. The Brazilian husband made real caipirinhas and caipirowskas and ordered lots of yummi Brazilian food. All in all we were 12 people, which was enough to have huge fun with ABBA and not too many so that we could enjoy quality time together.

So March will be a mix of routine and new things. Wedding anniversary is coming up and we will be off for rome for our yearly honeymoon, but in between, this is the plan:

  • Keep the desk tidy and to do lists up to date.
  • 3 posts a week, 1 English, 2 Spanish. The Spanish ones need to be clearly for implementation in work life.
  • Research on a suitable ecological food options in Barcelona (those that bring fresh ecological fruits and vegetables to your home every other week) and start to make weekly plans for dinner. This should take lots of stress out of the daily “so what is it for dinner today?”.
  • Do regular exercises for my Catalan language course instead of stressing out the night before the next class.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude especially when faced with difficult situations at work (especially difficult people at work).


How it works:
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2 thoughts on “Monthly goals March

  1. Loving the positive attitude cultivation and the sustainable food goals as well 🙂
    I think they are both important things to strive for. Also, the honeymoon in Rome sounds amazing! I am so jealous 🙂
    Congrats on the cello from February – sounds like you are really pursuing your passion full-on.

  2. Great job on your February goals- congratulations!
    I agree with Beth, your honeymoon plans sound lovely; Rome is so beautiful.
    And I’m impressed at your capacity to maintain not only ONE blog but TWO! I could certainly take a page from your book. Hopefully March will prove more successful.

    Suerte con tus objetivos para marzo-

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