Prioritizing: asking for help

I finally migrated my Spanish wordpress page into a self-hosted blog and along the way I realized again that being able to ask for information and help is a virtue I should practice much more.
I don’t have problems in delegating work. Actually I am pretty good at delegating and keeping track on how things go. However, delegation implies a certain relationship between the delegator and the delegatee. I can delegate a specific question to my colleague, because in it belongs to her area of expertise. I can delegate an errant to the husband, because we take turns going to the supermarket. I can delegate a task to one of my team members, because it is part of her project description. Summarized: there is little chance that I will hear “no”, and if so, I will get at least an explanation.
Now, asking for something is different. I assume that most people are very helpful, but I don’t want to bother anybody with stuff that I could (should?) do by myself. Especially people that I have never met before.
So I read through the entire documentation on how to set up a self-hosted wordpress blog. And started. Got stuck. Started all over again. Something else didn’t work.I got stressed, the husband annoyed becaues of my prolonged grumbling about web pages, and the dog depressed because of the moody virbations emenating from myself.
After one week I gave up, went into the chat of my hosting provider and asked for help from the customer service. 2 hours later everything was sorted out and the husband rightfully asked “Couldn’t you have done this much earlier?”
I could have. I knew from the very start that I am not the best person to set up a webpage.I have no idea about web architecture or anything else you might need, though I have a logical way of thinking, so it shouldn’t be impossible to learn. But of course this takes time. And time is a very precious good, which is why my futile intents had a highly frustrating effect on my mood.
What I took away from this episode? Asking for help is a sub-chapter to prioritzing. Though I could (technically) learn everything and do it by myself, there is simply not enough time for it. Thus I have to focus on what I am good at, and let others do what they are good at. Even, or especially when I have to ask them for their help.

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