New Year’s Resolution 2010

It is time for the New Year’s resolution and this time I sit down to actually think and plan what I want to accomplish during this year. My inspiration was actually this article highlighting 8 rules which can make the New Year Resolution stick longer than the first week. So, here we go by the rules (I still can break them along the way, right?).

  1. Commitment. This year I have invested much thought into my resolution. I have carefully weighted which ones are my own ideas, and which come from the desire to fulfill other people’s expectations (I guess that was why my Catalan resolution from last year didn’t survive very long). I have been rolling around the different ideas for the last two weeks, so I am quite confident that now I am talking about things that are important to me in the first place. Of course I don’t mind if others are also pleased, but that is not the main idea. 2010 is my year!
  2. Be realistic. When I draw the first list of things I wanted to do it looked more like, well, like a to-do list. But I reckon that it would be difficult to keep track of ten different projects at a time, so I narrowed it down to 3 main projects. one is recreational, one is semi-professional, one is professional. That way I can keep track of each within its own time, without having opposite goals fighting for time and attention.
  3. Write it down.
    1. I will be able to play all the pieces in my Musical book on my Cello. With good style and correct technique.
    2. I will improve my French in order to be able to not only follow, but also participate in conversations.
    3. Professionally I will be known and respected as an expert for online traffic and inventory.
  4. Make a plan. For each goal I have started a routine which will help me both reminding my goal as well as getting nearer to it each month.
    1. Cello: I am taking 1h Cello class per week to get the proper guidance on style and technique. I have informed my teacher about my goal, so she is constantly pushing me to get there. Furthermore I will practice at least 4 times a week to maintain the rhythm.
    2. French: I have just done a subscription for “Le Monde Diplomatique”, which will deliver an interesting journal once a month to my door step. As I have a 40 min commute every day to work, this is the perfect time to go through French articles. Additionally I will pick up French-language marketing journals at work to get into the professional vocabulary as well.
    3. Online inventory: My new position in the company entails that I am working on this topic daily. Additionally I will keep on researching interesting articles on the web and adding my opinions in this blog. The goal is to keep blogging 3x a week and to write comments in other related blogs to get my voice heard.
  5. Be flexible. This resolution might be updated along the way. Most probably through the monthly goal section in this blog. After all, life changes, wishes and goals change, and one year is a long time. The important thing is to reflect on those changes instead of just stopping to commit. That way it is not a personal failure, but a thought-provoking progress which helps to understand myself.
  6. Use a system of reminders. the cello classes, French subscription, and blogging will do this for me. Plus, I am using teuxdeux ( to keep track.
  7. Track your progress. the monthly goal meet-up at modite and Brazen Careerist will be the place to monthly review my progress.
  8. Reward yourself. I will have to decide this one on the run. At this January, 1st I am just perfectly happy.

And this is why I love rules and procedures. You can break complicated things down into important aspects and then you are (more or less) sure not to miss anything and to stay grounded. Looking forward to a successful 2010!

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