Spotify won’t understand me

Spotify, could you please work on your ad placements? Or your targeting? Just please please stop to interrupt my piano cello listening pleasure every 10 min with a high-pitched merengue “Ron rural” spot. Really. It’s not that I don’t like advertisement. I know there is a trade-off for getting things for free. And I even converted on some of your ads, by donating to an NGO that asked for it via your audio-interruption-intervals.

I used to listen to you at work. I exchanged interesting music with my colleagues. Occasionally I would purchase a day of free listening for parties. Or just because I felt like it. But then you started to get agressive.

First you shortened the song time between two ads. The problem was not that much the time between the two ads. But that you presented me with the same four to five audio ads ever and ever again. Donating to a charity. How to use spotify (and where to subscribe), Ron rural (rum brand from central America), one or another artist talking about their newest song.

I donated. I bought daily subscriptions. I even checked out the artists music to see if I liked them. I did not. You insisted. Well, that is your job.

And then you increased the volume of your ads. My relaxing classic music background while analyzing stats at work was more and more often interrupted by somebody SHOUTING at me to buy rum. Again and again. But you know. I don’t drink alcohol. I might sip a little red wine from time to time, but never ever any hard alcohol like rum. So shouting at me more frequently and with higher volume won’t make it more probable that I convert. I am not the target group for this ad! So please stop it. Why can’t you understand that by donating through you to that charity, it is not my resilience to your ads that makes me ignoring you. The rum is not the right offer for me!

So, let me know when you have figured out how to get more advertisers and/or a smarter targeting (you have enough data about me to draw some conclusions, don’t you?). Meanwhile I’ll stick with Last FM.

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