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If your support staff isn’t happy, you are doing something wrong

Helping others makes you happy. A number of studies have shown the positive impact of supporting others - not only on those who received the support but more markedly on those who offered help. Shouldn't that mean that people in support have a happiness advantage? Helping other people is part of the job description, after … Continue reading If your support staff isn’t happy, you are doing something wrong

How to reduce stress in the long run

Very often we get trapped between urgent tasks and looming dead lines, without being able to concentrate duly on one task only. And with so much stress, creativity and motivation are the first to die. However, there is a simple trick how you can get out of this daily rat race, by remembering Parkinson's Law, … Continue reading How to reduce stress in the long run

How much education is too much?

I am absolutely addicted to absorbing new knowledge. I love studying. I love learning about new ideas from other to include them into my own musings (with or without footnotes. I already have a M.Sc. in European Studies and just finished a Master in Quality Management. Which means I am currently not studying (officially) at … Continue reading How much education is too much?

Cultural stereotypes as assets: structure

[This post is part of the series on navigating stereotypes that are ascribed to me because of my nationality.] In Spain they call German people “cabezas cuadradas” which means approximately “square head”. We are seen as taking everything serious and being very structured both in our way of thinking and in organizing stuff. Maybe, maybe … Continue reading Cultural stereotypes as assets: structure

The beauty of clear and plain language

I have said before, that for me language is merely a tool for communication. Switching between many languages daily, I have accepted that they are a means to get my thoughts across without worrying excessively about minor grammar mistakes. As with most of my colleagues I am speaking in a language not our own, I … Continue reading The beauty of clear and plain language

Document – and do it well

Many start up firms as well as fast growing companies (especially in internet and technology sector) evolve pretty quickly, working on several projects at the same time, developing new solutions, tap into new markets. All resources are pooled towards these strategies, as those new solutions will eventually bring in the money to pay for the … Continue reading Document – and do it well

Marketing home appliances in Spain

Home appliances are a major investment for your home. Most probably you will use them for 5 years or more, and looking at the prices of today, you won't find much below 300 Euro. Most washing machines, dishwashers and fridges rate around 500 Euros and above. So you should think that people do some research … Continue reading Marketing home appliances in Spain

The importance of niche targets

In yesterday's version of the ClickZ E-Marketing Strategies they reposted a column (Sept 21st, 2009) from Robin Neifield, who highlights the advantages of a diversified and adaptable online strategy that is constantly reviewed to ensure the company is able to respond to new market needs and opportunities. Diversification yields several advantages such as easier scalability, … Continue reading The importance of niche targets