Does your agenda allow you to THINK?

Does your agenda allow you to THINK?

Since moving into a leads role at Automattic, my responsibilities have changed quite a bit. Where previously I focussed on direct customer interactions (and some quality assurance), my primary concern is now my team and the division. Chat and tickets have become a tool: they help me understand my team’s challenges and opportunities. While at the current team size I can still get involved personally, at some point, I might have to look into alternative options, like quarterly support rotations or more in-depths ticket reviews.

This beckons the question: what am I doing the entire day? And what should I be doing?

To learn how I use my agenda to supercharge my productivity, read the entire post on my site:


3 thoughts on “Does your agenda allow you to THINK?

  1. Thank you for mentioning the ‘thinking blocks’. It’s easy to feel guilty to spend time on thinking or planning when you should be working. But, those times are really what makes or breaks your whole week. They’re a total necessity!

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