The only law of marketing: stay true and consistent

Last week on ClickZ Augustine Fou analyzed the first 8 of the 22 immutable laws of marketing  (Jack Trout) and how these laws have changed with social media and internet and how they do not apply any more. He states that today,

  1. it is more important to be better than to be the first one to launch a product or service.
  2. creating new categories to be the first in does not solve the problem of people not knowing you (or your category).
  3. shouting louder and more often is not the best solution for advertising, as people listen more to friends and colleagues than to banner ads.
  4. just as your products, your brand is affected by what people talk among them. Far more than by what you want them to talk about.
  5. ownership of brand-describing words cannot be bought nor implanted. They need to be earned by consistent behavior far more than loud advertising.
  6. words can change quicker than you like them to. If somebody comes along with a better solution than yours, your tag line can switch over to the competitor.
  7. comparison is still important and you should not shy away from it. People will compare you, whether you like it or not. But you can influence this comparison and make sure they compare you to the correct competitors.

The analysis of the remaining laws is still to come, but one thing can be said already now: it all boils down to one single principle: do not underestimate your customers. Be consistent, treat them with respect, give them the information they need and want, but never ever invent something you cannot deliver. You need a consistent strategy in place to show consistent behavior among all your marketing and communication channels.

Have a great product! Offer a great service! And then make it easy for people to talk about you and to talk to you. Always take your customers serious and offer consistent answers. Even if they do not agree with you, a consistent communication based on real deeds will create the positive feedback you need.

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