Monthly goals February

It’s time again for the monthly goal meet-up. I guess I am still on time as February just started, but this time I think I didn’t do as well as the month before. Strange how fast January flew by.

  • Do more technique exercises with the cello (even though doing songs is more fun).
    Yes! I succeeded on this one to the detriment of the husband and probably the neighbors. But I can feel that I am getting better. Plus, in the last lesson my professor offered to swap cellos for one song so I could play on a qualitative superior instrument and it was just a-ma-zing! So if I make it to the end of this year with steady lessons my next Christmas wish will be a really good cello! So I will keep the cello practice on my schedule nonetheless.
  • Start working on a daily (or weekly) routine for the new responsibilities on the job now that the team is almost entirely relocated to Barcelona.
    Done. And I even managed to wrap up the departments responsibilities of the entire division and gathering all people for a workshop on what our department does. So by now everybody should be very much up-to-date. Plus, people know me by now.
  • Prepare a clear structure for the monthly reporting.
    I just finished this before the lunch break. It is muuuuch much shorter than the December presentation, but after having seen that the management just puzzles all the different presentations together, I prefer to have 3 dense pages over 16 slides. After all I want people to read what I say.
  • Keep doing 3 posts a week, but include at least one with additional research.
    Not an epic fail, nor a clear pass. I have started blogging in Spanish as well and will migrate the Spanish blog to self-hosted this or the coming weekend (monthly goal for February I’d say). If I pretend to stay in Spain, and some day start something in sustainability-related sector, I better get going in Spanish as well. We’ll see how I manage to keep up both blogs and how they both evolve in terms of content.
  • Check out more blogs of like-minded people out there.
    Done, however, now I need to burn it down to a digestible reading list. My reader is consuming far too much of my time…
  • Clean up the office, just like the desk and get rid of everything I really never use (even if it was a gift from long forgotten times.
    Done. But it was in the first week of January, so my desk is all cluttered again. I need to think about a process here.
  • Do the same with my wardrobe: everything that I haven’t used in a year has to go (anticipated spring cleaning).
    Done. Soooo much space!!!!

So for the coming month, it will be this (I read somewhere that you have to be assertive in your language when you want to accomplish something. Trying to do doesn’t count… you have to do):

  • Do steady exercise with the cello. Both technique and fun.
  • Find a way to keep the desk tidy.
  • Migrate my Spanish wordpress blog to my own webiste and keep working on sustainability business ideas.
  • Figure out how to include Spanish into my twitter presence. Two twitters? Tweeting in two languages?
  • 3 blog posts a week, either on the Spanish or the English blog, but at least one in each.
  • Take my birthday as an excuse to do an ABBA Singstar night at my place. And if those couples don’t want to attend (birthday is on Valentine’s day) focus on the single friends and do it nonetheless. Yay!


Post a list of your career/life related goals for the current month, along with your checked off goals from the previous month if you’d like, on your own blog.

Visit the Goal Meet-Up post at Brazen Careerist and/or at modite and leave a link to your post in the comments (*If you don’t have your own blog, feel free to share your list of goals in the comments section of the post to join in!)

Then, check out everyone else’s lists as they leave comments – click their links, visit their blogs, say hello, meet, greet and support each other because that’s what it’s all about!

5 thoughts on “Monthly goals February

  1. Love the ABBA Birthday plan! There’s actually a group coming through MN that sings ABBA this month. I think it’s pretty awesome that people still love that stuff.

    I am SO impressed by the all the Spanish you are trying to work in. I hope you find a way to make smooth transitions and get everything out of it you were hoping.

    1. Thanks Emily for stopping by. My ABBA weakness is totally hereditary as both my parents are crazy about them. I basically grew up on Mamma mia. So now my poor neighbors have to live with listening to ABBA Singstar and cello lessons. What a combination.
      Let’s see how the Spanish combination goes. Actually my life is already split into two lessons on a daily basis, so it shouldn’t be sooo difficult to do the same in writing. What a shame the day has only 24 hours though…

  2. Valentina,

    You are incredibly focused I’m always impressed by how much you actually accomplish each month. Absolutely inspiring.

    And the ABBA party sounds soooo fun. If I had an ABBA party I’d do an extraordinary rendition of Dancing Queen for you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for your kind words Kim. Actually sometimes I am not sure if I am just very focussed, or if I cheat myself from the start, only putting things into the list that I already know I can accomplish for sure. I might have to look into that one a little more.
    And yes! ABBA rocks! 😉

  4. Hey Valentina,

    It’s impressive how much you accomplished last month! Definitely an inspiration. Good luck with this month, too. I look forward to connecting with you on Brazen. I saw the note you left me…will send you a message, so we can chat more.

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