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Don’t confuse the audience

I am currently reading the book "Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization" by Lester R. Brown (free download available). I will probably finish the last 10 of a total of 287 pages today (this is excluding the very abundant Notes section). The book describes several strategies on how to reduce carbon emission and climate … Continue reading Don’t confuse the audience

Marketing home appliances in Spain

Home appliances are a major investment for your home. Most probably you will use them for 5 years or more, and looking at the prices of today, you won't find much below 300 Euro. Most washing machines, dishwashers and fridges rate around 500 Euros and above. So you should think that people do some research … Continue reading Marketing home appliances in Spain

10 commandements of marketing green products

Yet again, Augustine Fou is inspiring a post of mine. Over at clickz he posted a brilliant adaptation of the 10 Commandements, adapted for modern marketing. In line with my passion for sustainable products being more present in daily marketing messages, let me adapt the commandements to the needs of this underrepresented segment on the … Continue reading 10 commandements of marketing green products

Rethinking consumerism in middle of the sales season

[This post is a direct reaction to today's shopping trip after having discussed quality of online marketing material with our account managers at work. Let me endorse the use of quality and information. Also in online ads. La versión española se encuentra aqui.] In Spain las rebajas (for Catalunya: las rebaixes) traditionally start on January 7th, … Continue reading Rethinking consumerism in middle of the sales season